Thursday, June 26, 2008

Flowers Grow with Passion

I received an email today from a rose grower (Absolute Farms) today that I wanted to share with you. Your "passion" for what you do for a living is very obvious to those around you even though you might not realize it. Thank you, Micheal.

His email.....
My very first day in this industry years ago I was walking through a greenhouse with one of the best know Colombian growers, Juan Carlos Leon, and he said to me, Michael, roses are just like people, they have their unique personalities, they open differently, have different life cycles and die differently. They are so sensitive that if I have a worker who is going through a difficult time - a divorce or some life crisis - then the roses in his section will suffer and not grow well (I thought this was B.S. but I actually saw this happen.) The fact of the matter is we are not in the Rose business, we are in the sentiment business. People give flowers to express how they feel, if you have this in your heart and are passionate about what you do and grow to love roses it will reflect on how you relate to people, they will see and feel it.

Anyways, looking at your website, reading your blog, and some of the articles you have written for different magazines, I felt your passion and love for what you do. In a lot of the other florist websites I have viewed I have never seen or felt the personalized passion that I saw in yours ;)

- Michael Hall Todd
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Anonymous said...

It is so nice to see somebody who truly loves what they do. There are so many fake hypocrits out there it is refreshing to see somebody so down to earth.