Sunday, June 22, 2008

Caring for your Flowers in the Heat

As you has been really hot out there! A little too hot for all the beautiful flowers that just aren't used to the high temperatures. I wanted to pass along a few tips on keeping your fresh cut floral arrangements fresher a little longer in this heat.
1. Keep your arrangements out of the direct sunlight in your house. Even if you have the air conditioner on indoors the sunlight beating through your windows can still effect the longevity of your flowers.
2. Mist your flowers everyday if you can. This will keep them cool and happy.
3. Change the water in your arrangement daily. Be sure to add "cool" water when you do this.
4. Add a drop of bleach to the water. When things heat up, bacteria builds up even faster in the water. Keep the water as "bacteria free" as possible to increase the life of your arrangement.

If you are sending flowers to someone during the hot summer months, be sure the florist who is delivering has a phone number of the recipient. This is what we do at Hidden Garden - we don't want to leave any flowers on the doorsteps during the hot days.
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