Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Arranging Those Beautiful Roses in Your Garden

I'm sure you have noticed the gorgeous blooming rose bushes around your neighborhood. If you are lucky enough to have these wonderful blooms in your garden you can actually create some beautiful arrangements in your home.

Garden roses, in general, are fragile and fragrant. Although these flowers don't last as long as most, they smell delicious.

You need to take extra care in cutting these special blooms in your yard. Always cut the rose stems closer to the base of the stem of the plant. Cut the stem at an angle and immediately place in water. This will allow the flower to get a "fresh drink" of water and prolong the life of the bloom. Always remember to remove any foliage that would be below the water line. This will help prevent bacteria from accumulating in the vase. Remember to add water to the arrangement everyday. Just like we need need water!

Some of my favorite Garden Rose varieties include Golden Celebration, Yves Piaget, Evelyn, White Mojaleka and Othello. To learn about all the beautiful varieties available check out this site - David Austin Roses.
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