Sunday, March 30, 2008

Rainy Days & Weddings - Why you Should Always Have a Plan B!

The past 2 weekends we had weddings that were going to happen "with or without" the rain! Living in Southern California our brides don't always consider the weather when determining the locale of their ceremony site. We just hope that it will be beautiful and sunny on the big day. The majority of the time our brides choose an outdoor setting for their ceremony, however, I always tell brides that it's important to have a "plan b" when you pick an outdoor ceremony during the rainy months. If those decisions aren't made in advance it can add undue stress on a day that should be as stress-free as possible.

Last weekend we had a wedding at a hotel in Pasadena. It was a beautiful setting for an outdoor ceremony but not such a great location for an indoor ceremony. We briefly discussed the possibility of rain with our bride but she was hopeful that there wouldn't be rain and asked us to proceed as planned. The day started off quite gloomy and as we started to set up the outdoor ceremony it started to rain. Our worst nightmare! Our bride really hadn't intended to move the ceremony inside and really hadn't thought of the "rain plan" prior to the wedding so we had to make some quick decisions for the "new" ceremony decor.

It's highly recommended to have a "plan b" in case of weather issues when planning your wedding. Work closely with your coordinator or florist in the week leading up to you wedding to ensure that you have a back up plan in place......just in case. You never know what mother nature has in store for you.

If you are currently planning a wedding outdoors and are not sure what to consider in your "plan B" scenario, feel free to email me.
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