Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Let Your Wedding Day Tell The Story Of Your Love

When it comes to planning your wedding, there are many ways that you can incorporate special moments and details of your relationship that tell the story of your love. Sharing the story of your love on your wedding day will give your guests a personal reflection on the life you have been building together, and the new life you are about the create.

Get Your Creative Cap On
  • Location where you met
  • Places you traveled together
  • Favorite vacation spot
  • Special hobbies & interests
  • Favorite foods, treats, or restaurant
How To Share Your Story

Overall Decor Of Your Wedding

Some couples center all the decor for their wedding after a specific theme. For example, if the two of you met in Hawaii or love to travel there, you may choose to have a hawaiian or tropical themed wedding. Or, another bride and groom may love to travel to Napa Valley and will center all their decor around a Tuscan feel.

Printed Materials
A more subtle way to express different parts of your love story is in all your printed items. A small symbol such as a palm tree, vine of grapes, seashell, or hibiscus flower can create a continuing theme throughout your wedding. Printed materials can include: invitations, menus, programs, place cards, and table numbers.

Cocktail Hour
Sharing a part of your story can be centralized to just your cocktail hour. That way, you don't have to share the theme throughout the whole wedding. For example, if you don't want to have a tropical themed wedding, you may just choose to have a tropical cocktail hour that will serve custom drinks and appetizers that reflect your love story.

Giving your guests a favor to take home is a great way to share something that reflects you as a couple. Your guests will be able to take something home that symbolizes you as a couple. You can choice something that matches the theme of the wedding, such as a wine stopper or something that the two of you share a love for, such as cupcakes or fresh baked cookies.

Sharing pictures of you as a couple at your wedding will always keep your guests entertained. Whether it's framed pictures where your guests arrive or pick up there place cards, or a video slide show that is presented at the reception, your guests will be sure to feel your love as they see how you live your story. These pictures may even be of the two of you in different stages of your relationship or experiences you have shared.

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