Monday, November 12, 2007

Festive and Fresh Thanksgiving Tables

Fall décor is so much fun because Mother Nature provides so many different things to work with. I love decorating and designing flower arrangements in the fall because I am very inspired by the warmth and comfort of the season. Plus the colors are so pretty and add a little something extra to any home or office. Here are some ideas to incorporate fall into your life:

For your Thanksgiving table bring in fresh leaves, gords and mini pumpkins and intermix them down the center of your table. Add a few candles in between the items too. If you want to include fresh cut flowers, tuck small floral vases in between the elements to add an extra “pop” to the table. This also works nicely for retail store countertops.

Another fun idea that doubles as a family project, is to carve out the center of fresh pumpkins and insert small glass bowls, then you make your fall arrangement inside the pumpkin! Use different sizes, shapes and colors of pumpkins all over the house.
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